Community Guidelines


Community Guidelines

When you drive or ride or use NaviTaek, you’re contributing to a community that puts people and our customers first, creating a positive and safe experience. Where everyone is treated with respect, thoughtfulness, and transparency.

 Be Safe

·         We want every ride to be safe for everyone.

·         Always be diligent, wearing your mask, leaving the front seat open, and keeping the car clean.

·         You keep alcohol, cigarettes, and weapons out of the car, along with any illegal substances.

·         You use an accurate name and a profile picture that looks like you.

·         You say yes to service animals because they are the eyes, ears, wheelchair handlers, and mobility and life support.

·         You bring the appropriate car seat when you’re traveling with kids.

 Be Respectful

·         The people who drive and ride or use NaviTaek treat each other with care, dignity, and respect. We keep our community welcoming for everyone.

·         You find a welcoming experience when connecting with your driver or rider, so everyone feels  comfortable.

o    You respect personal boundaries.

o    You respect personal perspectives and keep your judgments to yourself, too.

o    You take others into account by making sure it’s OK before sharing a personal story, making a phone call, or turning up the volume on your party playlist.

o    You treat each other’s property like it’s your own, and your driver’s car like it’s a sacred space.

o    You leave rowdy behavior, greasy snacks, and romantic gestures out of the car.

 Be Transparent

·         Speak up with feedback and honest ratings. Whether you’re expressing a concern or bringing attention to an issue that impacts our communities, your voice helps make our time together even better.

·         Give five stars for great experiences with your driver and rider, like excellent service, well kept clean car, or just great manners.

·         You provide details with your rating if something goes wrong so we can make it right.

·         As always, please share ideas that you may have with the NaviTaek Team.